Astrological Association Conference, 26th – 28th June 2020.

Due to lockdown, this is being held on Zoom this year.  For further information, see  On Friday afternoon, there are workshops run by Lynn Bell on the 11th and 12th houses; by Bill Meridian on financial and mundane astrology;  by Dr. Ben Dykes on traditional chart readings, and by Wade Caves on house systems.  Over the weekend there are talks on a wide variety of astrological practice from traditional western to psychological, to Vedic by different astrologers.

Know nothing about astrology?

If you are a complete beginner to astrology, something needs explaining.  You may say you are an Aries, or an Aquarian, or a Pisces.  What this means is that the Sun is travelling through that part of the sky, we call Aries, etc.  The Zodiac is a belt of sky that the Sun, Moon and planets appear to follow as seen from the Earth.  Of course, it is the Moon that orbits the Earth, and the planets that orbit the Sun.  These bodies are the active ones, not the signs as such.

The Zodiac Signs are just the pointers which colour the solar, lunar and planetary energies.  The Zodiac belt could be compared to the stations on the Circle Line in London.  The tube trains represent the Sun, Moon and planets, stopping  at and travelling through different places on the line which are the Zodiac signs!

The chart for the month and longer term view

Birds representing the element of Air

The Sun is in Gemini between 20th May and 20th June.  Looking at the chart for the beginning of the period can give us a flavour for the month.

Old Moon

The Gemini month starts on an old Moon in Taurus conjunct Uranus, the planet of reform and revolution.  Old Moons are more about reflection and meditation rather than action. They are also good for taking notice of any hunches that may come up in relation to future possibilities.  This dark phase of the Moon can stimulate psychic abilities and intuitive moments.

The world is in various stages of lockdown, from being very strict to hardly any lockdown at all.  Business is in trouble from large corporations to small ones run by a few individuals.   Taurus relates to our income and resources we have.   Some people are financially o.k. during lockdown thanks to various government schemes, while others have been left in the lurch and feel threatened with an insecure future, losing their jobs and their businesses.

Discover new skills.  What strengths and resources do we have?  Find different ways to survive which can give us a reasonable lifestyle.  The Moon conjunct Uranus, can be the right time to think about major changes to lifestyle; preferably ones that make life easier if we have been under pressure.  Think about our attitude to finances and resources generally.  What do they mean to us?  What does wealth mean – having a million pounds in the bank, and a rich lifestyle, or being content with what we have, as long as it provides the necessities and allows us to have fun and enjoy life?

Long-term trends

The Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto conjunction

The powerful conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto in late Capricorn and Saturn in early Aquarius, which will go on for months, is a rare combination.   If you are new to astrology, this means they are lined up together in the sky as seen from our planet.  Saturn slipped into Aquarius in February and will slip back into Capricorn in July.  They are all retrograde, appearing to move backwards against the order of the Zodiac signs.  This is an optical illusion due to the Earth’s orbit around the Sun in relation to these planets.

They indicate slowing down, taking a step back, and reviewing where we are at.  Although we may need to make substantial changes in life style, it is not necessarily the time to do it during this period.  This is a generalisation, though, as everyone’s circumstances are different.

Reform or crash?

Capricorn is the natural sign for government, and authority.  It is easy to give away our internal authority to external agencies and organisations, from public health and national health services to multi-nationals and government institutions.  Particularly now, as many of us are probably feeling disempowered and in a state of fear.

Until  early 2021, Jupiter and Saturn are in conjunction.  Jupiter represents optimism, faith, hope, foresight, and our dreams for the future.  Saturn represents structure, law and order, practicality, limits and boundaries.  Some see Saturn as representing ‘karma’, ‘ye reap what ye sow’.  Saturn’s downside is that its nature can become cynical, isolating, hard, cold, and depraved.  It is out for its own interest only.


Both Saturn and Pluto are highlighting the serious global problems we are facing.  These planets in contact with each other often raise ethical and moral issues.  Jupiter is reinforcing this, as it represents the ultimate moral authority.  The corruption of governments, corporations and other agencies is only too obvious in many parts of the world.  Global warming needs to be tackled before we wreck life on Earth. There is abuse of power, the threat of mass surveillance, and technology running out of control until it no longer helps us.

Be wary of Jupiter’s tendency to exaggerate and blow things up out of proportion.  Jupiter is the planet that represents wealth and many of us are concerned about the dreadful inequalities that exist now.  However, Jupiter is also the planet of justice and judgement, so serious attempts are likely to be made to readjust the balance.

We can choose which way we use these energies, within reason and if possible. Combined they can represent huge potential for reform on a personal and wider social level.  People are talking about how the atmosphere has been a lot better in pollution hot spots which have been in lockdown.


Over the next few months, it is time to balance optimism with realism.  What are our dreams for the future?  Are they realistic and can we put them into practice?  This fast paced world has come to an end, at least temporarily.

Many of us can benefit from taking time to meditate, or doing anything that encourages stillness within. Going for a walk or gardening, for instance, brings a sense of peace, and can be enormously rewarding.  Meditating and being still can help our well-being as well as our immune system.  Do all the common sense things in relation to health, eating nutritious food, getting exercise and a good night’s sleep.  Being with nature can be energising and good for our health.  Stillness can bring inspiration from within.  Then we are owning our power, instead of giving it away.

Gemini month

Gemini represents communication, primary and secondary education, routine travel (such as going to work, or visiting family and friends), the media, facts and data.  Try to take a rational and objective look at what is going on.

Perhaps the most important thing is to keep an open mind.  Check facts and data.  Where do they come from?   Are stories on social media and in the papers true?  Where do they get their information from?  Are they promoting specific interests and agendas which may or may not be working for the good of the whole?

Conspiracy theories

Of course, these are ideal conditions for the spread of conspiracy theories, like the virus.  These, in themselves, can be disempowering.  They remove problems to areas where we believe there is no control.  Big Brother rules the world.  The New World Order is only working for the elite and using the rest of us for their purposes.  The world is flat and the Moon landing was a fake!  Vaccinations are destroying lives and killing people.  5G technology will encourage mass surveillance, kills birds and is bad for health; and so on.

However, on Facebook recently, there was a post saying that we should be wary of anti-conspiracy theorists who just slam their opponents – the conspiracy theorists.  The harder they knock conspiracy theorists, the more we need to be wary of their statements.  When there is no reasonable discussion or education possible, whose interest is it in?  Nothing is black and white.  Major issues are far more nuanced, and some current ‘conspiracy theories’ may have a nub of truth in them.

So keep an open mind during Gemini month!  Watch how all life is interconnected.  We are all dependent on each other.

Go with the flow


Mars is conjunct Neptune in Pisces for most of June.  The climate is unpredictable.  Mars relates to how we use our energy and drive.  Neptune, the god of the seas, is in his element in Pisces.  Nothing is clear.  The most obvious area of confusion is the covid 19 virus.

Where did it come from?  Where will it go?  Will there be a 2nd wave, or will it all be over in a puff of smoke?  How can its spread be stopped so that people can get on with their lives?  How can we take care of vulnerable people, the sick, front-line medical staff and carers?  Many others are taking risks as drivers of essential goods, postmen and women, police,  and those working in essential shops and supermarkets.  People have sacrificed their lives partly due to neglect.  How can we ease their load?

It may feel like navigating a small boat at sea.  Sometimes, it is calm and peaceful, then a storm blows up, followed by a sense of peace and clarity after it is over.   Go with the flow where possible while doing our best to keep safe.

Neptune below.


Apart from the Old Moon in Taurus, there are two other strong indications that this is a good period for reflection.  Venus is retrograde from 14th May to 25th June.  It is passing between the Sun and the Earth, and gives the illusion of going backwards.  Venus disappears from view.  It has been a beautiful bright evening star for months.  It will reappear as a morning star.  This happens every 19 months and lasts for about six weeks.  Venus relates to our values, finances, the arts, beauty and relationships of all kinds.  What is of value?  What is important?  Are there life-style changes we need or want to make?

On 21st June, soon after the Sun has entered Cancer, there is an Annular solar eclipse, which will be seen from the Congo, through Ethiopia, in the northern part of the Indian sub-continent, going through southern China and then into the Pacific.   Eclipses are not just confined to where they are visible, however.  Solar eclipses occur at New Moon when the Moon blocks out the face of the Sun.  Things are often blurred or obscured during the period around a solar eclipse.  Its secrets may only be revealed after.  We do not know everything yet, but hopefully things will become clearer later in July.

This eclipse will have a ring round it of sunlight.  This is because the Moon is further from the Earth on its monthly orbit and appears smaller.   During a total solar eclipse, the Moon totally covers the face of the Sun.   Never look directly at an eclipse, or the Sun, without proper eclipse glasses or other equipment.  It can seriously damage eye sight to do so.   A solar eclipse, from start to finish, lasts about four hours.