The Sun is in Libra between 22 September and 22 October

It is the September Equinox on 22 September. 

This is the autumn equinox in the northern hemisphere and the spring equinox in the southern hemisphere.  Days and nights are more or less of equal length and, in the northern hemisphere, the nights become longer as within about a month it will be the beginning of winter.  If you are in the southern hemisphere, it is mid spring and the growing season.

Gardens and woodland can look a mess during autumn, but if you want to help wild-life, there is no need to clean up too much.  Insects thrive under falling leaves, and birds eat the seeds off dying plants.  Most of all, life is dependent  on insects.


Symbol for Libra

Planets to look for in the night sky

First, find Mars

Mars is a spectacular sight now, so make the most of it as you are going to get the best view of this planet, and it won’t be as good to see for about another two years.   During the first half of October, it is nearest the Earth.  Now, in late September, it is the distinctly red planet that can be seen in the eastern sky in the evenings, climbing higher and higher in the sky as the night goes on.   Mars will culminate at about midnight, beaming on us, in mid October.

If you are in the northern hemisphere, look south; and if you are in the southern hemisphere look north.  You do this with all the planets.  Mars is a fantastic sight now because the Earth is between the Sun and Mars, and it is said to be retrograde – giving us the illusion that it is travelling backwards against the order of the Zodiac signs.  In mid October, it will culminate at around midnight.


Mars – the Red Planet





Now see if you can find Jupiter and Saturn


Jupiter and Saturn can be seen quite close to each other in the west during late September and for much of October.  You will not have the opportunity to see these two again from towards the end of October until about March 2021.  Jupiter is very bright, and Saturn is dimmer; and they are both evening stars now.  The symbol for Jupiter is on the left and the one for Saturn is on the right.


The astrological chart of the September Equinox

The squares

In London, the Sun’s entry into Libra is on 22 September at 14.32 hours BST (13.32 hours GMT), if you like to celebrate the equinoxes at the exact time.  Generally speaking, we are living in a tough, challenging period.  Mars is in Aries where it is at home and is in a strong position.  However, it is in conflict (square, at right angles) to Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn.  Saturn is also at home in this sign, so they are both ultra strong.

Mars in Aries is dynamic, outgoing, keen to get things done and off the ground, but this energy is being held back.  There can be a selfish sign to Mars, particularly when it is in Aries.  Saturn can reflect our weaknesses.  It can reveal to us where we are falling down and where things need improving.  Added to this, Mercury the planet of communication, data and facts, is in conflict with Saturn and Pluto.  There is a pattern called a Yod in this chart, made up of Venus in Leo, Jupiter in Capricorn and Neptune in Pisces.

What does this all mean?

As things have turned out, this equinox chart is best read in relation to the Corona Virus pandemic.  It is also likely to apply to the election for President in the US.  With the Sun in Libra, it can help a lot to see both sides of issues and avoid becoming polarised.  Saturn can reveal our ‘shadow’, our fears, and where governments are falling down and working against what is best for life on Earth and humanity.  The sign of Capricorn is about managing the Earth’s resources in the widest sense.  Much of what is going on now, and during the last few years, has to do with abuse of power with some of the world’s leaders working for their own interests and against their populations.

We can expect distortions of the truth from governments, health authorities and social media – fake news.  Be wary of this and try to keep a balanced attitude.  Remember, that there are many working in the health professions who are making huge sacrifices and doing their best.  Fear is a dreadful thing.  Knowledge and educating ourselves can do much to allay fears.  Keep safe, and take sensible precautions.  Protect those, when and where we can, who are in danger of suffering the worst effects of this disease and any other health issues.

It is all to easy now to get into the blame game.  “Why aren’t you wearing a mask?  Why are you wearing a mask?”  “Coronovirus doesn’t exist, it is all a big plot”.  “Coronovirus is deadly and is spreading like wildfire”.  “It is the fault of the Big State.”  “Why have you got ten people round to dinner during lockdown?”

Perhaps, one of the tragic side effects of this pandemic is that some governments and authorities, rightly or wrongly, are encouraging us to snoop on our neighbours.  Margaret Atwood wrote in the Testaments in a couple of places:

“Loose lips sink ships”

Have compassion and understanding for the situations we find ourselves in.  Some people are going through a very hard time for many reasons.  Perhaps, they are isolated, or have lost their jobs, or because their businesses are under threat, or because they are seriously ill.  It is easy to play on our fears now and it may help to be aware of this.

Many of us are looking for a panacea – the vaccine that will build up herd immunity.  This might be true, but a look at the history of vaccines and the desire to rush one through without proper testing and safeguards is a real danger now.  Vaccines don’t always have the desired effect and may not always work.

This September Equinox chart reveals the possibility for showing genuine compassion, love and support for those who need it.  The best of us can come out during challenging times.

Patience and realism

Perhaps the best things we can do to survive this period, is to be practical and realistic, and most of all be patient.  We are not going to solve this overnight.  Many of us may need to go through a major re-think and planning stage in our lives.  Remember – it is o.k. to ask for help.  We can’t all be strong all the time, although any reserves of inner strength we have can come to the fore.


One of the major issues which is prominent now is abuse of power.  Also many of us feel powerless.  While many governments care about their peoples, others don’t and this is all too obvious.  We can do what we can in our own lives to make things better.  If many people started to act like this, the results may be astounding overall.  Don’t give up hope and don’t despair.  To quote Don Muguel Ruiz:

“Always do your best.  Express your own divinity.”