Equal Opportunities Policy

At astrologycollege.com we welcome people from all backgrounds to study astrology with us.  We aim to ensure equality and fairness in service delivery and not to discriminate on grounds of ethnic or cultural background, gender, marital status and sexual orientation, religion/belief, age or disability.  We will continually monitor our work to ensure that good practice and fairness is maintained.

At the college, we aim to ensure that the course material is representative of diverse groups and cultures (as listed in the last paragraph) and does not discriminate or make judgements about one group in relation to another, such as gender or racial stereotyping.  We acknowledge that there is always room for improvement as far as course material is concerned.

We ask freelancers, members of the college, tutors, volunteers, contractors and students to treat each other with respect.

astrologycollege.com is a company limited by guarantee (non-profit making) registered in England and Wales.  The directors are elected by the members of the company; and any potential new member has to be approved by the existing membership.  Membership of the company does not entitle one to employment or freelance work under contract.

Most of the work is done on a freelance basis, and much of the central administration is done voluntarily.  The college aims to treat anyone under contract with the college equally and fairly, regardless of background, and believes in consultation as much as is reasonably possible.