Examinations are open to students of astrologycollege.com.  Unless you want to gain astrologycollege.com’s diploma (Dip.astrol.c)., and work professionally as an astrologer, there is no requirement to take exams.

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Certificate Examinations

These are for candidates who have done the Foundation Course, or Modules 2 and 3 of the Foundation Course.  There are two examinations.  Certificate Paper One covers Chart Calculation and Astronomy.   Certificate Paper Two covers Chart Interpretation and Explaining Astrology and is a two week project.

Diploma Examinations

These are for candidates who have done the Diploma Course.  There are three examinations.  Diploma Paper One covers Chart Calculation and Astronomy, and Diploma Paper Two covers Interpretation Techniques and Ethics. 

Diploma Paper Three covers Interpretation.  Paper Three involves writing a detailed analysis of one client (including forecasting) and a brief analysis of a second client in some kind of relationship with the first client, and the synastry between the two.  Candidates are given a month to complete Diploma Paper Three.

Diploma candidates are required to do a history project, which is part of Module 7.   Diploma candidates are also required to arrange a consultation with a client, and to have one Support and Supervision session with an approved astrologer in order to gain the Diploma, unless they can establish that they have had support and supervision already.

Those passing the diploma can become members of the Association of Professional Astrologers International and, if they live in the UK, can get professional indemnity and public liability insurance to cover their work as astrologers.

If you are interested in taking the exams, or some of the them, please contact the college (see ‘Contact Us’ page) and ask for the Examination Regulations and Syllabus 2016 and the Mock Examinations booklet so that you can see what the procedure is, what the fees are, and what the examinations are like.  Please state whether you would like hard copies sent in the post, or whether you would like to receive copies in pdf format by email.

You are also welcome to take mock examinations at any time.  These are not the same as the ones in the Mock Examinations booklet, and if you are interested in these please contact the college (see ‘Contact Us’ page).  The information is in the Examination Regulations and Syllabus.