Sun in Sagittarius month from 21 November to 21 December Go on a journey to the wild places – the woods, the forests, the deserts and mountains.  Look for nature in the cities.  There is plenty of wildlife there!

Sagittarius is the hunter, the adventurer and explorer.  While Sagittarians aim their arrow at their targets, destinations or goals, the journey is the fun part.

The Total Solar Eclipse on 14 December 2020

Solar eclipses happen on average about twice a year when the Moon crosses the face of the Sun.  This eclipse is Total when the Moon entirely covers the face of the Sun.   The eclipse path goes through Argentina and Chile, so watch local media.  The time of Greatest Eclipse occurs at 16.13 hours GMT.  Local media, in Argentina and Chile, will translate this into local standard time. This eclipse sums up the astrological energies during this Sagittarius month.

Time to live on the wildside, but be responsible!  

In the Uk, Covid 19 is still of major concern.  Many argue that the virus has been blown up out of proportion, while others are concerned to keep us safe.  Does this come down to safety versus living life to the full?

When can we move forward?

Mars in Aries has been in conflict with Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn since September – on and off.  This will continue to be the case until early February.  While Jupiter and Saturn enter Aquarius on the Winter Solstice, Mars will enter Taurus on 7 January 2021.   Mars will still be in conflict with Jupiter and Saturn until early February.

This means that energy, enthusiasm and progress have taken a back seat.  We need extreme patience to get through this.  When Mars enters Taurus, it helps to be practical and take a ‘problem solving’ approach during these difficult times.  Determination and persistence should help, but it involves responsibility towards ourselves and others.   We are going through a major reappraisal of our lives.  It probably is a time to step back and think about our long-term goals and desires.  What do we want for the planet and for ourselves?

Better energy levels during the eclipse period?

Energy levels are high with the Sun and Moon in fiery Sagittarius trine Mars in fiery Aries.  They are in a harmonious relationship  with each other in the solar eclipse chart.  It is also a time for assertion and, no doubt, there will be many arguments about what is going on.  Time to enjoy sport, exercise and adventure.  Faith, optimism and trust can help us now. Look out for opportunities.  Have a good laugh and have some fun.


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What’s up in the Sky in December?

Source:  December 2020, Astronomy Now magazine ( 

Venus.  If you are up before sunrise, early December is your last chance to see Venus as a brilliant morning star.  Gradually she will disappear from view as she approaches the far side of the Sun and will become invisible. 

Jupiter and Saturn.  These two gas giants can be seen in the evening sky, soon after sunset. Jupiter is approaching an exact conjunction with Saturn.  Look south west if you are in the northern hemisphere, and north west if you are in the southern hemisphere.  The exact conjunction will occur on the day of the Winter Solstice on 21 December as they both enter the sign of Aquarius.  Watch this space in the next posting.  This is a major astronomical and astrological event, symbolising extraordinary times!