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Air5“After much research I chose astrologycollege.com because I felt that their syllabus was the most thorough and in depth, and would give me the best preparation possible to become an astrologer. The support I have received from everyone at astrologycollege.com has been fantastic and I can’t thank my personal tutor enough for all the support she has given me. I feel that with the teaching I have received from astrologycollege.com I can go out as a practising astrologer with confidence.” Joyce, UK.

Water7The pictures on this page represent the four elements used in astrology:  Fire, Earth, Air, and Water.  Photos of Zodiac Signs, Moon and planets on other pages are from Fotolia.  The pictures of an elcipse of the Sun; and an eclipse of the Moon were done by Tina Smale of EthiX Design.



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lunar-eclipseWe are between two eclipses.  Firstly there was the spectacular solar eclipse on 20th March 2015 which could be seen from many places in the British Isles; and the next one is on 4th April – a total lunar elcipse.  We won’t be able to see this in the UK, Europe or Africa, as it will peak at 12.06 pm GMT;  but will look like the picture here if it is night time where you are.  Check your local radio and TV station for when and if you are likely to see it.  The Sun will be in Aries opposite the Moon in Libra (with the Earth in between).  The energy of this lunar eclipse is very dynamic; and it would be tempting to rush in where fools fear to tread!  However, with the Moon in Libra, it can help to think rationally, and see both sides of any issue.  The Vedic astrologers (based on the Hindu tradition) advise not to start anything new on an eclipse; and to wait a while (for at least a week or so) before taking action.  Circumstances can change or new information can come to light.  The Earth’s shadow passes across the face of the Moon during a lunar eclipse.  It can take about 4 hours from beginning to end; and it looks as if the Moon is going through its phases in about 4 hours.

Richard III, the King in the Car Park, was reburied between these two eclipses.  He had Sun and Saturn in Libra opposite Mars in Aries.  His warrior side was shown by Mars in Aries. In the north of England, he was known as Good King Richard.

King_Richard_IIIIn the north, his Libran side came out when tenants, having bad times with their landlords, often got a fair hearing from his courts of appeal.  When he was King, he introduced an early form of legal aid and reintroduced the system of bail for those who had been arrested.  A complex man, he had a tough side, shown by Sun, Saturn opposition Mars, and could be ruthless; but did he kill the Princes in the Tower, probably not?