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Camp fire 3astrologycollege.com delivers distance learning astrology courses (correspondence courses) worldwide for personal development and/or for professional training.

The astrology distance learning courses come with the one-to-one support of an experienced tutor who will guide you through your studies. The college name suggests that our courses are entirely computer based, but you do not need a computer to study with us. Our Taster, Foundation and Diploma courses may suit you if you would like the flexibility to study astrology at home in your own time.

You are welcome to study with astrologycollege.com, whether you would like to learn astrology Earth0for personal development or you would like to become an astrological consultant. If you want to train as a professional astrologer, we guide you in how to work with clients safely.




Air5“After much research I chose astrologycollege.com because I felt that their syllabus was the most thorough and in depth, and would give me the best preparation possible to become an astrologer. The support I have received from everyone at astrologycollege.com has been fantastic and I can’t thank my personal tutor enough for all the support she has given me. I feel that with the teaching I have received from astrologycollege.com I can go out as a     practising astrologer with confidence.” Joyce, UK.

The pictures on this page represent the four elements used in astrology:  Fire, Earth, Air, and Water.  Photos of Zodiac Signs, Moon and planets on other pages are from Fotolia.  The pictures of an elcipse of the Sun; and an eclipse of the Moon were done by Tina Smale of EthiX Design.Water7



News and Events

Holidays:  Please note that due to holidays, it will not be possible to answer email enquiries, or acknowledge payments for enrolments, or send out course material between Friday, 17th June and Wednesday, 28th June 2016.  You can text mobile no: 07768 549937 if you would like to make any enquries.

Astrological Association Conference:  48th Annual Conference from 9th – 11th September 2016Building Bridges and Expanding our Horizons.  Venue:  Wyboston Lakes Conference Centre, Great North Road, Wyboston, Bedfordshire, MK44 3AL.  For further information contact details are:  www.astrologicalassociation.com; email:office@astrologicalassocition.com; tel: 020 8625 0098 (+44 20 8625 0098).

June Solstice:  The exact solstice occurs on 20th June at 22.35 hrs. GMT.  This is the Summer Solstice when the Sun enters the Zodiac sign of Cancer.   In the northern hemisphere, the Sun reaches its highest point above the horizon during the year; and the Sun reaches its lowest point above the horizon (the Winter Solstice) in the southern hemisphere.  The Solstice occurs during a Full Moon in Capricorn, so if the weather is clear it is worth going outside and celebrating this moment.

The astrological chart for the Summer Solstice is a challenging one.  We are living through changeable times when everything appears to be in a state of flux.  In the longer term, it can be seen as a time to find ways to earth or ground our dreams and visions, or perhaps to try and get some clarity as to what they are – and it should be possible to do this with Mercury in its own sign of logical Gemini.  With this kind of energy, it is easy to become too realistic or cautious and lose sight of our dreams and visions, or it can be too easy to become lost in a fantasy world where we think anything is possible without thinking of the consequences of how they could affect us or other people, and we may not be practical at all when it comes to finding out what we want from life.  It is a question of balancing realism with vision.  The period we are living through, in terms of astrological energies, is to try and gain wisdom and understanding about life and to go with the flow.  Dreams and visions may appear out of the mist eventually, and then perhaps we can see more clearly the way ahead.  There is a fun side to this solstice, with Sun conjunct Venus, representing a good time to play and have fun, go to festivals, sporting events, or do whatever else we enjoy.  With the Full Moon in practical Capricorn, though, it is not time to go completely over the top or carry things to excess!  It is certainly a good time for anything like gardening, DIY, or doing anything else that is practical.


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