Introduction to our courses

This gives a general overview of our courses and what they have to offer.  Please see the Taster, Foundation and Diploma Courses’ sub-pages for further information on content and module fees.

Our aims are to

  • deliver excellent course content together with a student support service;
  • inspire you to become the astrologers of the future, secure in the knowledge that you have received the backing of a course which is well structured;
  • interpret birth charts with confidence and to work safely with clients.

The Astrology Taster Course

If you know very little about astrology, try our Taster Course to see if you are drawn to this fascinating way of looking at life.  See the Taster Course sub-page for more details.

Foundation Course

Birth chart interpretation and ethics.  This course is for you if you would like to study astrology seriously.  Start by learning what each part of a birth chart represents and gradually put it together. Begin interpretation by working on the charts of people who have given us permission for you to do so. Take the opportunity to look at your own chart with your tutor in some of the exercises.

Explain astrology to others.   When you take up an interest in astrology, you are likely to discover that people’s responses vary considerably.  Some are supportive, while others can be quite hostile or show concern for one reason or another.  They may say “It’s anti-Christian”, or “It’s not backed up by science”, or “There’s no proof that it works.”   So learn how to deal with their questions and concerns.

Astronomy and chart calculation.   Have some fun learning about our star, the Sun; the planets’ journeys around the Sun; and the orbit of the Moon around the Earth.  Why do we see phases of the Moon?  Discover how we locate a place on Earth as you will need this information to calculate and draw up a birth chart.  Also find out how we measure stars, planets and other celestial objects in space.  There are several ways of measuring time, from civil time to time by the stars, so understanding these is also essential to calculating and drawing up a birth chart.

Learn how to calculate a birth chart for anywhere in the world.  Now, astrological computer software will do this in about two minutes, but we believe it is essential to know how to do it as it will really help you in the long run.

Diploma Course

Now that you have reached intermediate level, take your studies further.

Interpretation and ethics.  We introduce you to other ways of looking at a birth chart so that, by the time you have finished this course, you will have a wide range of skills to choose from.  Some of these techniques may appeal to you, while others may not, and you do not have to use all of them.

We concentrate on the importance of ethics and working safely with clients.  Find out what areas to leave alone when working with clients and know when to refer them to other professionals.

Forecasting techniques.  Learn about the four major forecasting techniques: transits, secondary progressions, solar arc directions and solar and lunar returns.    Discover how to interpret them in relation to the lives of clients in a helpful, supportive way.

Astronomy.   Learn about the house systems in common use and their astronomical basis.  Discover the magical world of solar and lunar cycles.  Study eclipses and the Saros cycles and series, and find out what lunar standstills are.  As well as the astronomy, you are given guidance on how to interpret these.

The role of your tutor

You are assigned a tutor who is there to help guide you on the module you are enrolled on, and to assist you in achieving your aims as far as our courses are concerned.  Contact your tutor at any time via email or post if you have any queries about the course material or if you are having problems with the exercises.