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PayPal Fees per Module. 

While you can pay by instalments for the Taster Course; for Modules 1 and 2 of the Foundation Course; and for Modules 4,5,6 and 8 of the Diploma Course, you cannot pay by instalments using PayPal, unless you have your own PayPal account.  If this is the case see the Enrolment Form, in the last section (sub-page).

You can either download course material in pdf format, or you can buy hard copy manuals, cost of which includes packing and post.

Pay By PayPal

Taster Course  £ sterling
Pdf download£175.00 GBP

Hard copy (Manual) 
Hard copy£180.00 GBP
Foundation Course 
Module 1      
Pdf download£275.00 GBP
Hard copy (Manuals) 
Hard copy £300.00 GBP
Module 2     
Pdf download£340.00 GBP
Hard copy (Manuals) 
Hard copy365.00 GBP
Module 3 
Pdf download£335.00 GBP
Hard copy (Manuals) 
Hard copy£360.00 GBP
Diploma Course 
Module 4       
Pdf download£380.00 GBP
Hard copy (Manuals) 
Hard copy£405.00 GBP

Module 5   
Pdf download£375.00 GBP
Hard copy (Manuals) 
Hard copy£400.00 GBP
Module 6      
Pdf download£345.00 GBP
Hard copy (Manuals) 
Hard copy£370.00 GBP
Module 7      
Pdf download£390.00 GBP
Hard copy (Manuals) 
Hard copy£415.00 GBP
Module 8      
Pdf download£335.00
Hard copy (Manuals) 
Hard copy£360.00 GBP