Taster Course

Is astrology what you think it is?  How can it help you?

Do you read your horoscope regularly?  Do you know your Zodiac sign?  Have you been thinking about learning astrology?

Designed for absolute beginners, our Astrology Taster Course is simple, straightforward and fun.  It gives you the opportunity to start on an exciting journey in studying your own birth chart.  Enrolling on this course will also give you the chance to see if astrology really inspires you without making too much of a commitment.

The course fee is £175 and the course material can  be sent in pdf format (£180 by post).  Please see Enrol page and download the Enrolment Form if you would like to do the course.

There are 6 lessons and exercises. 

Photo of a track in Leominster, UK, symbolising starting on a journey.

If you enrol and complete the Taster Course, you will have a much better idea of what astrology is all about.  There are many myths about what astrology is, and this will help in dismantling at least some of them.  The Taster Course aims to help you to start interpreting your chart, perhaps encouraging you to go on a different path in understanding yourself and others.  The tutor, assigned to you, will guide you through the course and will give you their own astrological insights.  This Astrological Taster Course is specifically designed to be positive and to help you to see that astrology can be used as a constructive guide to living.

For an introduction to what astrology is, click on the Home Page and see sub-page there.

If you have decided you would like to study astrology seriously there is no obligation to enrol on the Taster Course, as it has been specifically designed for you if you know very little about what astrology is and what it can and can’t do.