To Enrol

This page covers: The Enrolment Form, Questionnaire, How to Pay, Despatch of Course Material, Refund Policy, and Privacy Statement.

Would you like to enrol on a module or course?

Fill in the enrolment form and fill in the questionnaire if you would like to go straight onto Module 2 of the Foundation Course, or you would like to enrol on the Diploma Course.

Please download the enrolment form at the bottom of this page. It is in Microsoft Word and in pdf format.   Fill it in and return it to us by post or email.  If it is difficult for you to fill in the form because you do not have Microsoft Word, or you cannot print it off, please email  or write to the college with the answers to the questions on the enrolment form.  Postal address is 6 Lower Buckfield Cottages, Leominster, HR6 8RN. UK.

Ways to pay

You can use PayPal if you are paying the whole fee for a module.   See the PayPal sub-page running off this page.  The enrolment form lists other ways you can pay, including paying in instalments.

Please pay in advance in £ sterling. For your own protection, keep your cheque stub, receipt, or counterfoil as your record of payment, and keep a copy of your enrolment form.  Do not pay in cash.  We send you acknowledgement of payment by email or letter when it has been received.  When we send you the course material, you will also receive a registration form which includes details of your payment.

Despatch of Course Material


Please note that due to lockdown and Coronavirus we would prefer to send course material in pdf format until further notice.  It may not be possible to send it by post.  Please contact us if you would like hard copy and we can see if this is possible under the present circumstances.  Do not pay for hard copy until you have heard from us.

Payment confirmed

Once payment has been confirmed, we will despatch the course material to you within ten working days, although it is usually done much sooner than this.  If you have ordered the course material in pdf files these are sent to you in several emails.

Refund Policy

The policy varies slightly depending on whether you bought the course material in hard copy format (sent in the post), or in pdf files which you download and which are not returnable.

You have received your course material in hard copy format

On receipt of the course material, you are allowed 14 days to assert your cancellation rights and have a refund.  This is on condition that you do not start the course within this period. The refund will not include the cost of processing your payment.

Return the course material if you have ordered hard copy

Please return the course material in good condition.  While you will receive a refund whether you return the course material or not, we reserve the right to right to charge you for it if it is not returned in good condition within 30 days.

You have received your course material in pdf format

If you have been sent pdf files, you will not receive a refund for the course development element allocated per module which is 15% for each module you have bought.  The refund will not include the cost of processing your payment.

Tell us when you have received the course material 

It is essential that you tell when you receive your course material, if you have ordered hard copy manuals in the post.  If you have not received your course material in reasonable time, it is essential that you tell the college.  Failure to notify the college either way may compromise your rights to claim a refund.  You will be notified by letter and/or email when the course material is sent, and you will be given the college’s administration email address.

How to apply for a refund

Email the college’s administration email address, or phone 01568 611597 (+44 1568 511597 from outside the UK) and tell the college that you would like a refund.

Put your request in writing and either send it in the post to, 6 Lower Buckfield Cottages, Leominster, HR6 8RN. UK, or send it by email.  If you do not put your request in writing, or email, within 14 days of receiving the course material, you may not get a refund.  We ask you to write, or email, to ensure that your request is genuine and has not come from someone else.  If you are sending your request in the post, please get a Certificate of Posting if you live in the UK, or proof of posting if you live outside the UK.  Once the college has received your letter, you will receive a refund within 14 days.

When does your 14 day right to cancel start? 

Your right to cancel your enrolment starts when you receive the course material in hard copy, which is why it is essential that you tell the college when it has arrived.  If you have received the course material in pdf files, your right to cancel your enrolment starts as soon as all the course material has been sent in pdf format. reserves the right not to sell course material to anyone who asks for more than one refund.

Privacy Statement

We do our best to comply with the General Data Protection Regulations 2018 and to keep your information confidential.  Therefore, we only retain the necessary data to offer you a good standard of service.  This means that we maintain the accuracy of this information, and only keep data for as long as necessary.  We do not sell or rent data to third parties, and do not submit any payment details via our website.

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