Qualifications are listed at the bottom of the page.  See further down for diploma holders from other countries.  The astrologers, listed below, do not provide consultations on behalf of



Joyce Lambert, Dip.astrol.c.Hons., Dip.LSA., MAPAI.New Image

Maidenhead, Berkshire.

Mobile: 07989 607383


Intuitive astrology incorporating down to earth commonsense to help guide you through difficult times.  Locational and vocational astrology also a speciality.


Jeannine van Dun, BA(Hons)., DFAstrolS., Hon.Dip.astrol.c.

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Author PicTeresa Moorey, DFAstrolS., Hon.Dip.astrol.c.,

Tel: 01453 886853


Astrologer, counselling astrologer and writer.  Consultations and written chart interpretation.  Understand yourself better and live your full potential.  Phone or email.  Teresa will be glad to answer your questions.


Jean Elliott, DFAstrolS., RCAstrol., Hon.Dip.astrol.c., FAPAI.Jean Elliott

Leominster, Herefordshire.

Tel: 01568 611597

Mobile: 07768 549937



Jean offers personal consultations in Leominster, or by phone, from general interpretations to helping clients through challenging times.  She can cover most areas: e.g. drawing out potential, relationships and career.  Jean also offers typed reports.  She can offer support and supervision to astrologers and to students learning astrology.


Antigony photoAntigony Langley, Dip.astrol.c.Hons., D.Psych.Astrol., MAPAI, UKCP

Mobile: 07767 228917


I offer in-person or telephone consultations.  Areas of work include potential, forecasting and relationships; on-going astrological counselling as I am a qualified Psychotherapist which supports my practice; and I offer Chinese astrology.

SonalPicSonal Sachdeva (Dip.PsychAstrol ) studied Western Psychological Astrology under Liz Greene at the Centre of Psychological Astrology (CPA), before focusing on her Vedic learning practice.

Vedic or Hindu Astrology draws upon the ancient Jyotish wisdom of the Vedas from India, that, for over 3,000 years, endures as a remarkably effective method of guidance and inspiration for all facets of life and living. She is studying Jaimini Sutras and Brhat Parasara Hora Sastra under the tutelage of celebrated Indian astrologer, Pandit Sanjay Rath. In 2010 Sonal Sachdeva founded the group Circle of Divine Astrology ( which holds functions, talks and multimedia events in London. Content can be viewed on the YouTube channel TheDivineCircle which features discussions on all aspects of divination, with spiritual insights from a myriad of alternative practitioners from all round the world.

Some of the services offered  in your  Vedic Astrology Chart reading :
Your special Sounds, Mantra chants and Deity for your spiritual & material
well-being  | Horoscope Matching for Business & Personal Relationships
New borns | Children | Elect auspicious dates for Marriage or other Important Events |
On Sundays, Sonal is the resident Vedic Astrologer at Watkins Books, the highly acclaimed esoteric bookshop in central London.

For Appointments please call 077 3801 2689 or email


Serena Law, Dip.astrol.c.Hons.,OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Mobile: 07926 910370



I offer astrological consultations via phone, email or post.  This includes typed reports for chart interpretation and forecasting; insight into your personality, relationships and potential fully tailored to your query.


Paul SummerfieldPaul Summerfield, Dip.astrol.c., MAPAI.

Tel: 01403 782131

Mobile: 07957 658436


Astrologer, consultations and typed interpretations.  Phone, or email and I will be glad to help or answer any query.


Pam YoungPamela Young, BA., B.Ed., Dip.astrol.c. Hons.

Astrologer and writer.

Mobile: +1 226-971-1131.

Using email or typed written report, Pam can provide analysis of character, potential and relationships; forecasts and future trends for individuals; suggestions for the best dates and times for certain events (e.g. weddings); discussion of career choices; and astrogeography – places around the globe which may be favourable to you, and different areas of your life.

Qualifications and where they come from:

 Dip.astrol.c:  Diploma,

DFAstrolS:  Diploma, Faculty of Astrological Studies

RCAstrol:  Register of Counselling Astrologers, Faculty of Astrological Studies

Dip. LSA:  Diploma, London School of Astrology

D.Psych.Astrol:  Diploma, Centre for Psychological Astrology

MAPAI:  Member of Association of Professional Astrologers International (APAI).

FAPAI:  Fellow of Association of Professional Astrologers International (APAI).