Start on a Journey of Discovery with our inspiring courses delivers distance learning astrology courses to a high standard.

Whether you would like to learn astrology to understand yourself and others in a different way; or you would like to train as a professional astrologer, our courses are designed for you.

Ways of learning

Our Foundation and Diploma courses are modular.  You are provided with comprehensive course material which is kept up to date.

Correspondence Courses by email or post. The one-to-one tutoring adds to your learning experience as the tutors  enjoy sharing their knowledge and skills with you.

The name ‘’ suggests you need to be on-line and must have a computer. However, if you do not use computers, we can work with you by post.  The advantages of one-to-one tuition by post or email is that you can study in your own time when it suits you.

Online classes.  Some people prefer studying in live classes, but this is not practical if there are none in your area.  We are planning to introduce some on-line classes in 2024 so that you have a choice in the way you would like to study.

“After much research I chose because I felt that their syllabus was the most thorough and in depth, and would give me the best preparation possible to become an astrologer. The support I have received from everyone at has been fantastic and I can’t thank my personal tutor enough for all the support she has given me. I feel that with the teaching I have received from I can go out as a practising astrologer with confidence.” Joyce, UK.

What kind of astrology do we teach?

There are many branches of astrology and it is a huge subject.  Realistically, we could not possibly cover it all.  The aim is to give you a solid grounding in the western astrological tradition covering both traditional and modern interpretation techniques.  Our approach is to help you explore how astrology can be used as a guide to living, and to work safely and ethically with clients .  This includes taking a broadly psychological approach to interpretation, but certainly not exclusively so.

Where to find information

If you have little idea about what astrology is, and who we are, see the sub-pages running off this home page.  If you would like to look at our courses and exams, see  ‘Our Courses’ page.

Social Media

Join our Facebook group, study group.  Anyone can join who has an interest in astrology, whether beginner or advanced.  You do not have to be studying with   The address is: